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Where can I leave my baggage in Mexico City?

You can store your luggage while you travel through Mexico or are passing through. We have everything you need to know Mexico. LUGGAGE KEEPER is the best way to a travel light.

Can I storage my luggage close from the airport of Mexico City?

We are in Downtown of Mexico City, close from Roma-Condesa, Coyoacan... stores, restaurants, etc. We have the best location close from the Mexico City Airport

Can I leave my luggage for a few hours?

At LUGGAGE KEEPER you can leave your luggage by hour, day, week or as long as you need. Our purpose is that you travel light and we are waiting to receive your baggage. 

What items can I leave in Luggage Keeper?

At LUGGAGE KEEPER you can leave all kinds of luggage that affects your transfer or your comfort while you get to know Mexico. We receive suitcases, backpacks, surfboards, baby strollers, computer equipment, bags, hats... everything you don't want to carry, you can leave it with us. 

How do I book to store my luggage?

You can call or write to our phone to reserve your space, the phone is +52 1 5564781486. You just need to tell us your arrival time and number of objects you want to store. 

You can also write to us through our email 

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