Terms and Conditions

  • At the end of each hour, a tolerance of 10 minutes will be given, exceeding said time, it will be counted and charged as a full hour. In case of not collecting the luggage before closing, the 24- hour rate will be automatically charged.
  • We are not responsible for luggage after 10 days of storage that has not be notified. The baggage will be destroyed in its entirety.
  • The baggage will be delivered only to the same person who made the reservation. Another person than the owner may collect the luggage showing original ID of the reservation holder.
  • In case of losing the key, an extra charge will be made with the equivalent at our 24 hour rate.
  • We are not responsible for valuables not declared at the time of your safeguard.
  • All our rates are per bag. All taxes are included.
  • Our service is from 08:00 to 20:00 hrs, all luggage will be delivered during that period of time. For security we do not make extemporaneous deliveries.
  • Our services are availables up to 15 minutes after collecting your luggage. After that time, the use of the amenities will have an extra cost.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the facilities for other types of activities unrelated to luggage storage (sleeping, exchange and sale of merchandise, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages etc.)
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