Forget about carrying your luggage throughout your trip !!

LUGGAGE KEEPER is a safe and friendly place so you don't have to worry about anything!

LUGGAGE KEEPER is designed by travelers for travelers and that is because we know the needs and facilities that you would like to have when storing your belongings.

LUGGAGE KEEPER is for worry-free travel. Have you ever wondered while traveling, where to leave your surfboard, laptop, souvenirs or that object with sentimental value that you do not want to suffer any damage? ...

We are the solution.

   Choose the number of       items you want to save


  Decide for how long you      want to keep your things  

  Choose the method of payment 

       (debit, credit card or cash)

* You will calmly enjoy the city without having to carry more

* You will avoid losing or forgetting your belongings on the bar or in

   the bathrooms of a restaurant because you have nowhere to store it 

* You will be in constant communication with the staff for any questions     about your luggage



                             WITH US

 * You can check the weight of your luggage before checking in to avoid surprises at the airport

 * You will have the option of direct baggage delivery at the airport or bus terminal

 * You will enjoy a pleasant space since the LUGGAGE KEEPER facilities have amenities such as WI FI, space          to a coffee, a break or take a shower before leaving


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They saved me! I was able to walk through Mexico City without having to carry 25 extra kilos

Cristina Opperman


I used the service for my 7 hour layover in CDMX and it helped me enough not to mistreat my luggage by carrying it all the time.

Adriana Gutierrez


It is a great solution for all backpacking travelers looking for comfort and ease.

Michelle Cababie



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