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LUGGAGE KEEPER is not just a luggage storage service, we are your advisors so that you know what to take and what luggage to leave according to your mode of travel through Mexico City or the entire country. If you travel with your sports equipment, stroller, umbrella, professional equipment or any sentimental object that limits your trip, leave it with us and enjoy your trip.


LUGGAGE KEEPER want to offer the traveler a service beyond simply taking care of your luggage. The left luggage service does not have to be boring while you wait for your next flight or you simply want to continue traveling without having to carry everything.

We know the sentimental value of your luggage and how complicated it can be to carry it throughout your trip, that is why we have decided to be the facilitators between a heavy and a light trip through tools and services that benefit your stay in Mexico.


Our main objective is to change the false idea that storing your luggage is just a simple warehouse. We are focused on showing new growth opportunities to make a luggage storage space a place of connection between travelers. The vision of LUGGAGE KEEPER is to bring travelers closer to conveniences that could originally only be found in high-cost private spaces.

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